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I am…

Samantha Marsh  – Owner of Quite Frankly Natural


My business is…

Quite Frankly Natural is the result of my own youthful obsession with luxury brands and adult-acquired education into Health Science. Combining – at no cost spared – the finest available natural ingredients with the most advanced developments in botanical chemistry, Quite Frankly Natural pushes the boundaries of natural beauty beyond past limitations. Packaged in décor-enhancing bottles, Quite Frankly Natural promises to elevate the conscious consumers’ bathroom experience to new heights with its eco-luxe range of skin care, hair care and mineral makeup. Quite frankly, there’s no other brand like it. Vegan. Organic. Cruelty-free. Australian-made.


What was your goal for a China entry?

Our range of products are very niche. There are not many Australian skincare brands that are natural, luxe and highly effective all in one. We believe the Chinese will appreciate these unique differences as we know they have an appreciation for high quality, Australian products. We hope to establish strong, long-term business relationships in this country.


How did you “meet” Cantara Global?

We came across Cantara on social media, we sent them a DM and we kicked off our relationship from there.


How did you find working with Cantara Global?

Great! Cantara is an excellent company and a knowledgeable group of people to work with. We know that exporting into China is mind boggling, Cantara have demystified this for us. They understand our business model and our specific target market.


How would you describe the journey you’ve been through so far?

Very exciting and interesting. Cantara have been transparent with us from the beginning.


What would you suggest people/companies be aware of going into China based on your experience?

The Chinese market is huge and again, mind boggling. You really need someone experienced in this market to guide you and your business, someone who understands how everything operates in great detail over there (everything from retail sales to platforms), as it is very hard to comprehend this coming from the Australian market.


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