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I am…

David McColl  – Owner of Pet Dinners


My business is…

We make high-quality premium pet food products only using local produce we handcraft from Farm to Bowl – simply put, its real raw pet food. Our conveniently packaged specialty blends contain the essential balance of meat, organs, fats and bone and are produced using high-quality premium proteins by our  specialist  team.  We deliver weekly, making our products not only one of the highest quality foods on the market, but also one of the freshest and most convenient.


What was your goal for a China entry?

Pet Dinners was developed with the intention to provide the highest quality raw Australian pet food for our four-legged friends. Our goal is to introduce this premium product to the Chinese market with the intention of growing and becoming a trusted and dependable household brand in the pet food industry.


How did you “meet” Cantara Global?

We were introduced to Cantara Global via the Australian Cantara team when delivering an online order placed by one of the Cantara team members based at the Australian Office.


How did you find working with Cantara Global?

To date, our experience with the Australian Cantara team headed by their Chief Operations Officer, Julianna Suranyi, has been both pleasant and most professional. Their approach is direct, informative and credible. To us, this has been a key component in Pet Dinners moving favourably to join Cantara as a customer collaborating to develop the China export opportunity. We trust their approach, their understanding of the correct protocol and firmly believe that their relationships with business best practices within China are key to our successful transition into the Chinese market.


How would you describe the journey you’ve been through so far?

We are now informed and understand the opportunity as presented, moving forward we need to conclude the export prerequisite to meet our countries obligations and the Chinese expectations.


What would you suggest people/companies be aware of going into China based on your experience?

It is clear you must understand the traditional cultural aspect of the Chinese demographic. Key relationships and credible business positions are paramount and it’s simply not just the quality of your product but instead who supports your product and speaks for your product. With that in mind, direction is critical and aligning with Cantara we believe, will help to navigate the market.


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