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Cantara Global is currently working with NAS Cosmetics to launch their range of natural, safe and Australian cosmetics in the Chinese market after an exciting market opportunity was identified.

I am…

Jennifer Hinds – Founder, Formulator and CEO of NAS Cosmetics


My business is…

NAS Cosmetics – a range of natural, safe and Australian cosmetics


What was your goal for a China entry?

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to use Natural, Australian & Safe products.  NAS Cosmetics has a unique range of ‘cradle-to-the-grave’ products and we have an obligation to share NAS with as many people as possible.  As China has the world’s largest population and is so technologically advanced, China is the ideal vehicle for achieving our goal of reducing the chemical influences we are exposed to everyday through what we apply to our skin.

NAS_Cosmetics_Lip Gloss_Group

How did you “meet” Cantara Global?

NAS Cosmetics was exhibiting to overseas companies at a trade show during the Commonwealth games earlier this year.  While we were packing up from the show, universal energy connected us with Cantara Global when their representative saw our signed vehicle in the carpark.  At that time, Cantara had a large client with China influence searching for an Australian, natural and healthy make-up line.


How did you find working with Cantara Global?

After signing up with Cantara Global we have been made to feel valued.  They are in regular contact with us, keeping us up to date with progress, something we were never able to get accustomed to elsewhere.


How would you describe the journey you’ve been through so far?

Mutual respect was exchanged from day one with Cantara through transparency and honesty.


What would you suggest people/companies be aware of going into China based on your experience?

Realising early that working within China would be ideal for NAS Cosmetics, we were also aware that the journey there would be difficult unless we were aligned with people who knew how to work with the culture, the people and the law.  Cantara Global has given us that confidence to move forward with minimal disruptions to business.  The do what they’re great at while we continue to do what we’re renowned for …. great products that keep people safe.



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