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We’re not a ‘pick-a-package’ or ‘one-size-fits-all’ company.

We will work with your business to create a unique solution that will deliver on your business goals. And if we don’t think your business is ready for China, the Middle East or India we will tell you – but we will also tell you what you need to do to get there.



Already know you’re ready for China, the Middle East or India? Or you’re already there but not seeing results? Our  teams work together to create an in-depth unique strategy to launch, or relaunch, your brand and product/s in these marketplaces.

Prior to you paying a cent- please fill in the form below to speak to our CEO to see if your business is ready to move into these regions!


In order for Cantara Global to actively give you the following we will need to bring you on-board as a client. In order for that to happen the Market Entry Consultation of $10,000.00 + GST will need to settle for Cantara to actively work on your behalf;
  • A comprehensive China Entry Marketing Plan, Operational Plan and Execution Plan for your product growth and development
  • The strategy to leverage into China, the Middle East or India
  • The possibility of how to leverage your information to create investment
  • Cantara to potentially look at how to leverage your product (based on the research information) as a direct investment via Cantara networks
  • From the above information we are then able to present to you your;
    • Platform options
    • Market Options
    • Content commerce plan
    • Competitors and complimentary area recognition and
    • Expected sales KPI’s based on platform feedback

one on one discussion prior to any commitment 

Not sure what you need? Talk to our team today.