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I am…

Dr James Fielding  – CEO of Audeara


My business is…

My business is Audeara, we are the world leaders in personalised sound, creating a platform that using medical style hearing tests to tailor sound perfectly to each individual listener while educating about the importance of hearing health. Our first product is the A-01, the world’s first full-fidelity headphones: bluetooth noise cancelling headphones that offer a medical style hearing test is a world class over ear headphone.


What was your goal for a China entry?

We believe that all people deserve perfect sound and know that people need to be aware of their hearing health to ensure they get the most out of life. We know that Chinese culture values longevity and health and we believe our product is well suited for this market. Our goal for entering China is to establish ourselves as the leaders of personalised sound for greater China, creating a foundation for a high quality audio industry that allows all people to get the most out of life.

How did you “meet” Cantara Global?

We met Cantara through our network of health tech and music tech entrepreneurs in Brisbane after launching our first product to the market.


How did you find working with Cantara Global?

The team has been great to work with as we plan our market entrance and ensure our brand is best represented in China while staying true to our origins.


How would you describe the journey you’ve been through so far?

Our founders all took a leap of faith, leaving medical careers and safe secure software and electronics careers to follow our passion to make an impact on the world. The journey has been fulfilling and worthwhile but most certainly not without the ups and downs of creating a new enterprise. The response we get from people from all walks of life makes every long day worth a thousand times over.


What would you suggest people/companies be aware of going into China based on your experience?

While the market in China is large and very appealing people need to be aware of their own capabilities and the reality of entering a new market. The culture and language barriers are becoming easier to overcome with an element of westernisation in certain regions but ultimately, without local guidance and expertise it would not have been possible for us.


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